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What is NDHRA and Why Does
Your Membership Matter?

NDHRA was formed to provide a non-political, organized, DeKalb County government-recognized forum for residents to voice their opinions and concerns on a wide range of local issues. The overall mission of NDHRA is to promote the general welfare and safety of our community and its residents. Some of the areas where the NDHRA has had positive and ongoing impact includes:

  • Fostering Neighborhood-Friendly Residential and Commercial Development and Renovations: The Zoning and Land Use Committee regularly attends county hearings pertaining to land use issues in our boundaries as well as some adjacent areas. The committee also meets with our district commissioners and builders/developers when a project arises. In the past when the situation warranted professional legal assistance, NDHRA fully covered or contributed to attorney expenses. Without the association, only residents within an immediate boundary of 300 feet have standing to hire an attorney.

  • Parks and Green Space: We’ve worked with the county and other associations to increase and improve our area parkland such as the joint effort with Merry Hills for the County Greenspace purchase of 32 acres behind the DeKalb School of the Arts that adjoins the current Kittridge Park (finalized Sept 04). We also teamed up with Merry Hills for the 1 1/2 year effort to create a park in the vacant lot in front of Kroger (we asked the owners to avoid the proposed building of a bank on the site and fought to save the 300+ year old white oak in the center of the property; owners are not willing to sell the property to county for a park).

  • Ongoing, active involvement with County officials: Beyond just zoning issues, we meet with our representatives and participate in county meetings to inform them of concerns our area residents have. Issues for a specific street often become a collaborative effort between those residents and the association in setting up dialogs with county officials and staff. NDHRA has also sponsored a political forum with a panel of our state and county representatives so residents could address their questions directly.

  • Public Education: Through our email alerts and newsletters, we inform residents of important events in our area like the newly expanded curbside recycling program, voting information and traffic studies.

  • Environmental Issues: The Environmental Enhancement Committee organizes community resident participation for neighborhood clean up drives. Fern Creek runs through the middle of our association, and in working to protect it we have sponsored water testing and yearly creek walks to remove garbage and debris along the stream banks. Past Criers have also included regular gardening tips and tree care information.

  • Neighborhood Crime Watch: Recently, there have been numerous burglaries in our area. Through continued contact with neighboring associations, we have sent e-mail alerts with descriptions of the suspects from police and residents.

  • Lost/Found Pet Alerts: Our email alerts for lost pets has really proven effective. In two instances, an owner was reunited with their pet the same day! Even more surprising, a neighboring association resident who received our alert about a dog lost at Caribou Coffee found him on her street, so the owner and dog benefited from the expanded notification outside our boundaries.

For 2008, we want to continue to provide neighborhood residents with tailored communications options, including newsletters, e-mail alerts, telephone contacts and the website for residents to ask questions and voice concerns with board members and/or with other residents. But this is all powered by volunteers and donations from our residents. Your community board members are working to disseminate information on matters concerning North Druid Hills and surrounding neighborhoods, but we need your help as a member and a volunteer. Help us facilitate and foster a spirit of community in our area in addition to maintaining an ongoing dialog and positive relationship with local government by joining NDHRA and getting involved today.

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