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Message from the President

Re: Proposed Ashkouti Development on N Druid Hills

Dear fellow Members of NDHRA,

Last night (August 20) the Community Council met to vote on the request from Ashkouti Realty Corporation for the land usage change for their proposed site along N. Druid Hills in order to construct a proposed 385-unit apartment complex. Also on the Council's agenda was a similar request from a different developer, Julian LeCraw & Company, for the area behind the former BP gas station on the intersection on N. Druid Hills and Clairmont (known as the Williamsburg area).  Many residents of surrounding neighborhoods were in attendance. The Williamsburg project was denied by a unanimous vote of 12-0 to incorporate two tracts that LeCraw owns into the Town Center land use designation that covers the remainder of their property.  In addition, the council recommended that Town Center designation be removed from that entire parcel, and only apply to the opposite side of Clairmont Road, i.e., the Toco Hill Shopping Center side.

When Ashkouti was given his turn to present to the Council, he requested that his application be deferred so that he could have more time to work with the neighborhoods to iron out some differences. However, NDHRA's Zoning/Land Use Chair, Dan Wright, and several members of the Merry Hills Homeowners Association, as well as other residents, arose and argued that this project is definitely not something positive for our collective neighborhoods. They called on the Council to ignore the request of the developer for a deferral and to deny the application immediately. The Council, again by a vote of 12-0, DENIED Ashkouti Development their request.  While there is no way of knowing what motivated each member of the Council in their vote, I believe that a key factor was that it just didn't make sense to them to apply the Town Center designation to this strip of land for the sake of a high-density apartment complex, especially given its abutment to a single-family neighborhood that staunchly opposes it.

I would like to thank everyone who attended this meeting, as well as the previous meetings.  There is no question that the collective homeowners' presence at these types of meetings and their comments send a powerful message to the decision makers, and certainly carries much weight. Although Ashkouti might still attempt to gain approval for his proposal, the Council's decision is proof that our homeowner's association can make a big difference. I would especially like to thank our Zoning and Land Use Chairperson, Dan Wright, who has diligently worked with the MHRA over the last several months through many meetings and emails, as well as with the developer.

Please note that these Community Council rulings are essentially recommendations to the County, and that this process is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The next key votes on these and other developments impacting our neighborhood, including the Executive Park redevelopment, are scheduled as follows:

Planning Commission Meeting - Tuesday, Sept. 9, 6:30 p.m.

Board of Commissioners Meeting - Tuesday, Sept. 23, 6:30 p.m.

We will update you if there are any changes to the agendas, but at this time please plan to attend these two very important meetings. Also, please spread this news to all your friends and neighbors, and encourage them to join NDHRA (visit for membership information). The more homeowners that we represent and the more involved that we are, the stronger our voice is.  Together, we CAN make a REAL difference on the future of our neighborhood and the greater surrounding area, especially when we collaborate with other associations as a unified voice -- and last night, that voice was heard loud and clear.

Warm regards,

Alan Pinsker

President, NDHRA


NDHRA Address Change & PO Box Issues

As some of you may already know, the Post Office at Executive Park is scheduled to close on 9/30/08.  This is the Post Office at which the NDHRA PO Box resides.  Therefore, we had to open a new PO Box at the Briarcliff Station Post Office.

The new address is:


PO Box 29249

Atlanta, GA 30345

If you recently sent in your membership check to the old PO Box, the Post Office should forward the mail to the new PO Box for up to 1 year. 

However, several of our members have reported that their membership checks have been returned to them as being undeliverable.  Even though they should have been forwarded to the new PO Box, there have been some glitches.  If your membership dues are returned by the Post Office, we would appreciate it if you could re-send them to the new PO Box address listed above.

You can also report any problems to


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